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5 Row Underwater Cleaning Brushes!
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Silicon - paint-safe for removal of marine-foulding

Polypropylene - Used for cleaning growth on fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood. 017, 020, 025, 028, 036 Poly.

Nylon - Light fouling, grass and slime on fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and wood. 017, 022, 028 Nylon

Grit - Nylo Silicone Carbide available in 6 different grit materials, from heavy to light grit, on fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel hulls. 095/45 Grit, 065/45 Grit, 035/180 Grit, 030/240 Grit

Flat Wire Steel Brush - Heavy fouling of barnacles, tubeworms, Zebra mussels and grass on steel surfaces. (Heavy Gutter Broom Wire)

Stainless Steel Row -- Medium growth slime, grass, and barnacles on aluminum and steel surfaces.

Barnacle Brush Cutter Blades
Part #ASLPCB-3 and ASHPCB-3

Flatwire with cutouts and blades

Designed for removing barnacles, heavy grass, and zebra mussels for painted surfaces. 3 cutter blades are required per brush. Begin with the high profile cutter blades, and as the brush wears, switch to low profile cutter blades. This will insure maximum use of your brush! Navy approved. Barnacle Brush Cutter Blades are available on the following brushes: Stainless, Flat Wire, and Heavy Grit

Low Profile -- ASLPCB-3
High Profile -- ASHPCB-3

Note: The Barnacle Brush Cutter Blades are available in 15" (381 mm) and 12" (304.8 mm) brushes.


Armada manufactures the largest line of underwater cleaning brushes. All of Armada's brushes meet & exceed Navy standards. Armada also designs & manufactures brushes to meet any application.

Armada manufactures 15 different brush materials for cleaning any type underwater surface. Consult Armada for your specific cleaning needs.

5 Row Underwater Cleaning Brushes!

Armada can also manufacture brushes for custom applications that vary in size from 8", 10", 12", 15", 16", 18", 20" in diameter. (203.2 mm, 254 mm, 304.8 mm, 355.6 mm, 381 mm, 406.4 mm, 457.2 mm, 508 mm)

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