AS 16 HB Commercial Hull Cleaner & Prop Polisher

Proven Money Maker
Part #AS-16 HB
The AS 16 HB is currently being used by Commercial Diving Companies worldwide. Hull cleaning and propeller polishing on any size vessel. The AS 16 HB with auto vortexx™ suction holds brush against the hull and propels unit forward effortlessly, cutting diver fatigue.
  • The optional barnacle cutter is the fastest method to clean wood and concrete pilings and seawalls
  • The AS 16 HB was designed as a low-cost high quality entry level tool
  • The AS 16 HB uses a high torque, low speed, hydraulic motor specially designed for hull cleaning and prop polishing.
  • AS 16 HB is equipped for left and right hand diver operation.
  • Operates brushes 8", 10", or 12" (203.2 mm, 254 mm, 304.80 mm) in diameter.
    Also operates 6" (152.40 mm) Barnacle Cutter.
  • Optional Barnacle Cutter head is capable of removing Barnacles, Zebra Mussels and Tubeworms up to 6" (152.40 mm) of barnacle type growth at a rate of  3 to 6 sq. ft. per minute (90 cm to 180 cm per minute) and capability of removing up to 12" (304.80 mm) of sea growth.
  • Ideal for cleaning underwater surface ie. Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood hulls, pilings, seawalls, bridge pilings fast TIME is MONEY!
  • Accepts optional prop polishing pads.  AS 16 HB is low profile which makes easy work for polishing any size ship propeller.
  • Speed control allows the diver to adjust brush speed for the most demanding commercial cleaning jobs.
  • Manual ON/OFF switch


  • Required Hydraulic power 5 GPM (19 Liters per minute) Max.
  • Pressure rating 1700 PSI (11724 kPa) Max.
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Modular design allows easy maintenance

Accepts the following brush or propeller attachment:

  • Operates brushes 8" (203.2 mm), 10" (254 mm), or 12" (304.79 mm) in diameter
  • 9" marine disc
  • 7" marine disc
  • 5" marine disc
  • 6" barnacle cutter
  • 7" Diamond disc

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Weight:    11 lbs. (4.9895 kg)
  • Height:       6" (152.400 mm)
  • Width:      19" (482.600 mm)
  • Length:     12" (304.800 mm)
  • All cleaning brushes, prop polishing pads and barnacle cutter are optional equipment.

Prices are based on brush diameter and bristle material.
Armada manufactures brushes from 8" (203.2 mm) to 20" (508.000 mm) in diameter for any make or model.

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