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We manufacture and sale hydraulically powered submersible hull and prop cleaning equipment. We also design and build custom hydraulic units for specialized applications. Armada markets its cleaning systems worldwide direct-so we can maintain a "Direct Line of Communication" with our equipment users, to provide engineering, parts, service and maintenance assistance.

Armada's equipment is designed specifically for fast and efficient cleaning of underwater surfaces. A range of systems are available for various applications, from cleaning any pleasure craft to supertankers. Regardless of the size of the vessel, the operating principles and key features of Armada's equipment remain the same.

All Armada's products are diver-operated, hydraulic-driven, rotary brush cleaning units. A wide range of brushes and abrasive discs are available to cope with virtually any type of marine fouling on any underwater surface. The speed of brush rotation is adjustable by the diver to produce exactly the type of cleaning action required -- to go gently and rapidly over surfaces with light slime or more slowly to tackle heavy shellfish. When brush rotation is initiated the units create their own suction and their forward motion making the diver's job relatively easy. He simply guides the unit over the hull in lateral passes from bow to stern and completes the job by polishing the prop, running gear, etc.

The power units are rugged, self-contained and mounted on wheels (or skid-mounts on the larger systems) within a protective frame. Armada's power units are compact and mobile and include shock-mounts and mufflers to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.

We ship worldwide by air and sea!

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We ship worldwide by air and sea!

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