AST-P-789 Prop Polisher & Barnacle Buster

"Proven Money Maker"
Part #AST-P-789

(Shown with barnacle busters)
The AST-P-789 was specifically designed for polishing ship propellers using two 9" (228.6 mm) O.D., 3M Prop Polishing Marine Discs.  Two high powered hydraulic motors turn in counter rotation which eliminates the torque effect.   Thus reducing diver fatigue. The unique design allows cleaning up to the blade route.  The low profile design contours and cleans in confined areas.   Mounted on a flexible base allowing the AST-P-789 to conform to any propeller surface.  Approved by all classification societies for use on all types of vessel propellers.
  • Can use two Barnacle Busters to remove growth up to 7 inches (177.8 mm)
  • Generates its own suction force
  • Deadman On/Off switch
  • Required hydraulic power 10 GPM (37.843 liters per minute)
    Pressure rating 1700 PSI (11724 kPa)
  • When used with a Propeller Roughness Gauge improvements can be documented to comply with USN and ABS requirements.
  • Accepts (2) 9" (228.6 mm) 3M Marine Disc or (2) 6" (152.4 mm) Barnacle Cutter Attachments
  • Maximum Depth: 110 ft. (33.528 m)

Requirements: AST-P-789 powered by Armada's AS-20 HP or AS-22 HPD Hydraulic Power Pack. (sold separately)

Dimensions:  12"(304.8 mm)L x 29"(736.6 mm)W x 9" 228.6 mm)H    Weight: 41 lbs. (18.597 kg)

Prices and Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.   Current Production model May Be Different in Appearance.

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